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WebTimeTracker Account Setup Instructions:

1. Log in using your Administrator account (the account you signed up with), and click on the Administration link on the main taskbar. You will be taken to the administration screen.

2. Click on the Settings link to setup your company's setting. Company settings apply to all users. Enter the length of your standard work day and the start of week day. If you would like to use labels other than Project and Task, you can enter the new labels in both the singular and plural input fields. Click on the Update button to save your settings.

3. Create your Groups: Click on the Groups link on the administration taskbar and then click on the Add Group button. Add your groups. A group could be defined as a department within your company. To save the group to the database, click on the Save button.

4. Add your Users: Click on the Users link on the administration taskbar and then click on the Add User button. Add your employee information. When a user is created, the password will be the same as the user ID. Your employees can change their passwords by clicking on the Change Password button on the main WebTimeTracker login screen. For the Access Level, select User for employees who will be entering their time spent on tasks. For managers, select Manager. Select the levels of access for editing projects and tasks, task assignments, approving timesheets, and running reports. For administrator, select Administrator. Administrators have full access. To save the user to the database, click on the Save button.

5. Add your Projects: To add a new project, click on the Projects link on the Administration taskbar, and then click on the Add Project button. Enter the project description, the start date and end date, the budget code, the hourly rate, and select either billable (Yes) or non-billable (No) from the billable dropdown list. From the project manager's dropdown list, select a manager for the project. If the project has a sponsor or requester, enter the name in the project sponsor's field. Click on the Save button to save the project to the database.

Important: Please note that a project will only appear on an employee's timesheet if it has tasks.

6: Add your Tasks to your Projects: To add a new task to a project, click on the Tasks link on the Administration taskbar. Select a project from the project dropdown list and then click on the Add Task button. Enter the task description, the start date and end date, the estimated effort to complete the task, the budgeted task cost, the task hourly rate, billable or non-billable hours, and the rate type. The rate type is used to calculate costs. The costs for the task can be calculated using either the project, task, or employee rates. To assign the task to users in a group, select the group from the list box. To select more than one group, hold the Ctrl key down and left-click on the group. The task will only be displayed on the timesheets of the users in the selected group(s). Click on the Save button to save the task to the database.

7: After completing the account setup, you can send your employees their account information by going to Administration=>Email Notifications (Setup). Select a group or all groups and then highlight the users by left-clicking on them while pressing down on the Ctrl key. Enter your email address in the "Reply to" textbox. Click on the Send button to send out the emails.

The following information will be sent in the email message:

The WebTimeTracker URL:

The employee's login information:

- Company ID
- User ID
- Password (The password will be the same as the user ID initially.)

We recommend that you have your employees add the WebTimeTracker URL to their browsers' favorites list so that it can be readily accessed.

If you need additional help, you can email us at: